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Dougal Moment

crackus uppus

that would be an ecumenical matter
14 June
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Well I'm dashed, positively dashed Jeeves

i'm in gryffindor!
1800's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 80's, alec guinness, alexandre dumas, animaniacs, anne of green gables, ardal o'hanlon, arthur, auntie mame, ayn rand, back to the future, basketball, beatles, bette davis, biff face, bikes, black and white films, bowie, bridge, bugs & daffy, byu, cary grant, cat stevens, chitty chitty bang bang, clara bow, clark gable, classic disney movies, cold weather, colin firth, counte of monte cristo, danny kaye, dermot morgan, dick van dyke, dudley moore, dumbledore, duran duran, elvis, fabulous music, father ted, fiddler on the roof, film noir, flanuer, frank capra, fred astaire, gary cooper, gene kelly, george c. scott, george harrison, grace kelly, gregory peck, gryffindor, hard days night, harry potter, hitchcock, hugh laurie, humphrey bogart, indiana jones, ingrid bergman, james bond, james cagney, jane austen, jeeves and wooster, jeremy northam, jimmy durante, jimmy stewart, joan crawford, john cleese, john lennon, john singer sargent, julie andrews, katherine hepburn, king arthur, lass, laughter, laurence olivier, lawrence of arabia, les mis, light sabers, looney tunes, mary cassatt, mel brooks, modern art, monocles, monty python, mormons, mountains, movie night, mr. darcy, musicals, new york, oh heck naw, oklahoma! the movie, orson welles, oscar wilde, p.g. wodehouse, painting, patsy cline, paul mccartney, peter o'toole, peter pan, phantom of the opera, pirates, pizza, police, pride & prejudice, princess bride, queen, reading, rex harrison, ringo starr, roger rabbit, rosalind russell, sean connery, seseme street, skiing, snow, spats, spencer tracy, stephen fry, sword in the stone, tale spin, tex avery, the beach boys, the book of mormon, the muppets, the west, thunder cats, tim burton, time bandits, timothy hutton, tiny toons, tolkien, toto, u2, utah, victor hugo, vintage clothes, vivien leigh, warhol, weasley twins, willy wonka, winston churchill, winter, zero mostel