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that would be an ecumenical matter

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conversational zombies [May. 14th, 2006|02:44 pm]
that would be an ecumenical matter
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[Current Music |The Ugly Bug Ball - Burl Ives]

Kind of lame that I keep updating with dream entries, but I feel the need to record the bizarre and funny ones. So I had this dream. In the dream there was a part of town were zombies lived but they couldn’t go outside of this area of town. I needed to go to the grocery store which just happened to be situated in the zombie part of town. Everyone tried to stop me from going but I was persistent for some reason and left riding my bike. Except my bike handles were in the back so I had to ride it normally just with my hands behind steering…if that makes sense. The zombies were not ordinary zombies: if they touched your skin then you’d become one of them; they looked liked normal people except for their eyes and faded dead looking clothes. So I was walking around the grocery store when this zombie guy started talking to me asking me where something was, we talked about something but I needed to leave. I went to check out and the cashier was a zombie. She asked me how I was, I said fine, we started chatting, and rang up my purchase to 3.11. I gave her a 5 but then the power went out, so she couldn’t give me change back. I started rummaging my purse and found three one but then I got them mix up with the 5 so I stood there for 5 minutes in the dark staring at the bills trying to decipher. So the cashier-zombie-lady say “oh I have a flashlight!” finally I am able to give her the correct bills, then I find a quarter, but tell her just to keep the change. She joyfully accepted and told me to have a nice evening. But as I’m walking out the zombie guy I have talked to earlier comes over and touches my arm and other zombies come trying to convert me into one of them but nothing happened, and they started to get really sad and my fellow humans were all so confused why I didn’t become a zombie, but I’m not phased I just “told you so.” Apparently I knew they would have no effect on me. I leave the store on my bike (it’s normal again). I had a bit of trouble getting my grocery bag on the handle so I was wobbling about. When I was all situated and starting to speed up some one grabbed the back of my bike, turning out to be some kid I knew who had turned into a zombie, I told him I was in a hurry and would talk to him later. I was riding down the street when randomly I was no longer on my bike but in a car my roommate Kristina was driving. I was sitting in back looking out the rear window watching a black hummer limo swerve causing the cars behind to crash. There was a huge explosion, and the crash was slowly coming towards us. I told Kristina to go, which she took her time doing. Some car came driving through the fire and started to tailgate us. Kristina was driving faster and faster, and I kept telling her to slow down. Looking through the rear window the guy kept following us. The guy driving was actually John Travolta, but not it was his face and everything but he was really some evil bad guy. We stop in the woods and start climbing up a hill that is snowy and slippery and this John Travolta character is talking to us trying to get us to go with him somewhere. But Kristina notices that I really don’t like the guy and I’m being real mean to him. So, she tells him no we can’t go; he asks why; she says its because I don’t like, usually when I don’t like a guy he turns out to be a jerk or evil. Then she provides an example “one time our roommate Valerie really liked this guy, they were dating; she was real crazy about him and getting more serious and so forth. They whole while Alex could not stand the kid. One day while they were hanging out one day his wife called. Valerie was devastated, but Alex was right as usual.” The Travolta guy was being all sympathetic, “Aww man that really sucks. Poor kid.” All of a sudden though he gets really angry because we would go with him so he pull out a gun kidnapping us or whatever. But then I’m no longer with Kristina, but my older sister and my little little sister who somehow escapes. Travolta evil guy starts freaking out because my little sister is gone THEN he gets hit in the head by an apple thrown from my brother hiding in the trees, who happens to be a very young Ringo Starr. So the bad guy goes away and we’re dressed in old English 19th century clothes, walking to our huge old british house. my older sister starts crying because this was their summer home; she would bring her little baby girl here and watch her play in the sunshine and grass, but she was dead so all these memories came flooding back. We get to the house and all these servant and her kids are running around we walk in through the doors and I wake up. My favorite part was the zombies.